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Outreach Bible Study and Worship Services

Morningside Church believes that our field of service is outside the doors of the church.  We currently have Bible Study and Worship Services at the following places:

Week 1   Atria                                                          Thursday at 2:30 pm (life guidance unit)
Week 2   Atria                                                          Sunday at  2:00 pm
                Oasis**                                                      Tuesday at 10:30 am    
Week 3   River Pointe                                            Sunday at 2:00 pm
Week 4   Newburgh Health Care                        Sunday at 2:30 pm

Week 4   Heritage                                                   Tuesday at 10:30 am
If you would like us to come to your facility, please call 812-473-4700;  if you would like to participate in this outreach, especially musicians, please call us.
Morningside Church also has a shut-in ministry to the home-bound.  If you have someone that you would like added to the list, please call us.  Visits are made every quarter to deliver a devotional book, have a prayer and communion, if desired, plus a short visit.  This ministry is limited to worker availability.

**Highlites of a Recent Visit to Oasis....Adult I and II Sunday School went to the Oasis Assisted Living Facility. Thirty-two (32) residents participated in "I Love My Country" and "I'm Glad Winter is Gone" party.  Old time songs were sung, folks reminisced and the party ended with chocolate and strawberry sundaes. When you see the happiness in the people's faces, you can realize how much these visits mean to the residents.
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