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Morningside Missions


January:  Hangers, a clothing resource serving EVSC students by providing every-day living essentials that would otherwise be unaffordable


February:  Tri-State Food Bank

March:  Easter Seals (Easter Seals is a local Rehabilitation Center that offers a wide range of quality programs and services for children, adults and families).



                   Items for United Caring Shelter

                   Ronald McDonald House



Ozanam Family Shelter From Homeless to Hopeful

Ozanam works to provide a supportive environment so that people feel safe and comfortable while they work to regain their confidence and ability to independence.   

(Items you can bring for collection:  Paper towels, toilet paper, all purpose cleaning products, disinfectants, dishwashing soap, window cleaner.)

July:  Offering Jar Flock 99

This is in conjunction with our sister church in Chandler.  The Chandler church helps several families with programs for the children plus meals.  The Offering Jar for July will help with food coats. 

October:  Good Samaritan Fund (people coming to Morningside Church needing help)

November:  Loaves & Fishes (local Rescue Mission)

December:  Gift to the King




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