Past Events

October, 2021...A group of Morningside's members and their guests took the Spirit of Jasper train round trip from West Baden/French Lick, IN to Jasper, IN.  It was an opportunity to see the beginning of fall's colors in late October.  Dinner was served on the train.  In addition to the fall colors and dinner, it was an opportunity to ride a beautifully restored train and enjoy time with friends.



Christmas Past ... A Lasting Memory of Helping Others!!! 

Christmas Caroling to our Shut-Ins was a wonderful success with 19 carolers from Morningside Church participating.  The carolers divided up into small groups of 3 or 4 singers to visit as many shut-ins as possible.

Twenty-five (25) shut-ins were reached...not counting the staff and friends (at nursing homes) or the caregivers and friends (at individual homes) who also joined to listen and even sing along with the carolers.